What we’ve got is gold / 20cm x 27cm / Hardcover / 2AP’s / 64 pages / 34 images / 2011

„We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon“ – Joni Mitchell

Nobody knows about the origin of gold. One of the best known theories says that all gold on earth started out in the center of a star, created in a supernova. Pforzheim, a small town in the south of Germany is the center of the german gold industry. With the economic recovery during the 1950ies, the town got to fast wealth: Dealing with luxury goods is substantial for its society. At the same time Pforzheim is my hometown, from which I escaped as fast as I could. In my pictures you can see the ambivalence I felt while discovering that strange-familiar city with suspicion and curiosity. “What we’ve got is gold” shows a status quo and at the same time a personal view on homeland with all its memories and ambivalent feelings. Some people I photographed I met on the street, taking a quick snapshot of them; most I visited at home for many times, getting to know them, became friends or an allience against the conservative majority in the city. I am especially interested in those protagonists who differ from the bulk caused by their look and lifestyle – I remembered my teenage years and that time I wanted to distinguish myself from everyone else, which is never easy to deal with in a small town – everyone thinks you’re a freak. My work is an hommage to all those people outside the big cities who are brave enough to live their individuality, as well as to my unloved hometown, the city of gold. In this case, photography functions as a medium to construct a presence where everyday life is becoming a stage for self-expression.